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Are you dreaming of snow-white teeth? We have got a solution for you!
Due to the revolutionary formula, the recommended product whitens teeth well and makes them snow-white. The fast and fainless treatment and long-lasting effects are offered in surprisingly low price!
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Keep smiling and bewitch others with z Ibright!

Ibright is used not only by ordinary people. It is more frequently chosen by Hollywood stars and celebrities who take care of impeccable look as well as their smile. The presented treatment is chosen by worldwide stars – follow in their footsteps!

It has been proved that Ibright brings satisfying effect, such as improved and whitened teeth, just within five days! It is the only product available on the market that has such a fast and permanent impact on teeth. What’s more, it does not have any negative influence on enemel or gums.

Effects of the treatment

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Here are the effect of the treatment

Ibright whitens teeth after the first use. It can be noticed that it is the effective and comfortable mean of whitening teeth. You don’t have to go to a dentist and you don’t have to buy expensive sets which whiten theeth. All you need is Ibright in order to be happy about your white teeth. This product not only cleans enable but it is also absorber by the teeth and whitens them. In everyday life we come across various factors which make the teeth dirty or the shade not as perfect as we would like to have. It is high time to change it!


The effectiveness of Ibright

The presented product includes Sodium Perborate and hydroxyapatite cristals, the main role of which is to whiten teeth as well as to protect them from leftovers. Moreover, Ibright consists of thick gel which fills in all cavities. It works in the same way like LED lamp used at the dentist’s.

What is included into the product is the elastic cover which makes whitening easier. It helps to improve the shade of teeth in domestic conditions and to measure it by the use of the attached pattern book.

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